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Fashion under the Microscope


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From Dave Matthews’ "Come Tomorrow" album

“La Vie de Château” animation movie

New Works
yoga to the bone Steel Blossom
snails streams
Tarot from Cyberia obsession
Roots & Seasons pangelphobia
promenades Garden of Knowledge
50 Chinese International School Hong Kong
A Taste of Sustainability crib design
garden Carquefou, ville jardin
elevation Trans-Forms: Egyptian flyingfish
cautionarytales Racovitza Carquefou



Recently installed

"Roots & Seasons" 145 West 108th St, New York, NY

work in progress :
The Identity Project Book
a virtual artist book hosted by Rutgers University

Group Shows

Reimagining Roanoke, Outdoor sculpture exhibition
May 17, 2021- April 14, 2023
Roanoke, VA

Artists of the Night: Gothic Literature Scenes, Songs, and Stories
January 28 - March 25, 2023
Rye Arts Center, NY

Mental Fragments
April 20- May 7, 2023
Opening April 4, 2-4pm
Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY 

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Last Calendar update March 16,  2023

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