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"Tarot from Cyberia "

concept and Design by Béatrice Coron
Online consultant and writer: Mick Stern

22 cards of major arcanes
each card 3.3″ x 2.16″ (8.4 x 5.5 cm)

edition of 99, New York, 2022 Price: $ 150

Box of Tarot from Cyberia

Hi Five! Stories from the Five Boroughs -5.5 x 8.5" - coptic binding
Price $80
Text by Mick Stern, Photos by Etienne Frossard

Hi Five! Hi Five! Hi Five!
Hi Five! Hi Five! Hi Five!

This artist book documents a site-specific installation for the New-York Historical Society’s exhibition In Profile: A Look at Silhouettes. Each Numbered and signed edition of 100 Each book includes a negative of the original papercut.

Price $80 with taxes and shipping in the US $ 87.10
For other countries or for pick-up at my studio, please contact me

How to tell stories of five Boroughs in visual narratives? How to make them all fit the same format despite their diverse geography? How to research such a megalomaniac project? just one answer: impossible. I enjoy to research stories but one life time cannot be enough for a city that is constantly changing. Since 1985, I have lived and worked in New York City, as a tour guide for 15 years, then as an artist. I am curious for stories from the past and the present. In my free time I bike to explore different neighborhoods. My memory (that often distorts reality) and my personal experiences shape my subjective vision of the city. While cutting, I live scenarios from real or imagined stories to represent an energy. Some elements are easily recognizable. Others are open for interpretation. Sharing stories expands our universe.

Papercuttings: lasercut on 100% cotton paper, numbered edition of 500

Prices without taxes and shipping in the US(added at check-out)
For other countries or for pick-up at my studio, please contact me

Jonas Library
11 x 14” $120
Etched in Stone
18 x 18" $290
11 x 14" $165
Jonas Library etched in stone summertime
Plant Yourself
17 x 11" $140
24 x 18" $180
14 x 11” $120
Plant Yourself bzct unravelling
11 x 14" $90
Post-Modern Mortem
dimension 18 x 32" $ 210
Girls Band
8 x 10" $50
Hospitality Post-Modern Mortem Girls Band


Fashion Bugs

Fashion Bugs

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Fashion Under the Microscope: The Fabulous Virus Collection

Created in 2020 six outstanding papercut outfits

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