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"what you are, we were; what we are, you will be"

Danse Macabre, or Totentanz, is a recurrent theme in my work. In 1998, I created an artist book that includes a papercutting scene of the danse as well as a set of dialogues on individual pieces of paper.
These papers are addressed, for example, to "Housewife," "Computer Addict," "CEO," "Bibliophile," and so on.  The individual dialogues can be continued, as our conversation with death is never finished.

The book was made in an edition of three and the papercutting was recut for each. 

The dance setting could be a costumed party in Venise. All kinds of attitudes are depicted toward our mortality:  from indifference to happiness or horror. 

A funeral march musicbox is included in the box and adds to the festivity.

Despite its European setting, this Danse Macabre strikes American chords of the día de los muertos.

I started it on Halloween 1998, and finished it just in time for Halloween 1999.

In addition to the limited edition of three books, I have printed a booklet in an open edition.Inside each booklet is the Danse macabre scene as well as the text of the dialogues. On the back of the booklet: "6 000 000 000 to go, by invitation only" remind us of our population and its destination.

Other works on this them includes among others: Dead Beat, Dead Cities and Post-Modern Mortem and macabreñas

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