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All Soul's Day: a moment for reflexion
what we are you will be, what you are we were
Béatrice Coron

Dead City, 2004, 20" x 24"

Dead Beat, 2004

Dead Building, 2005, 24" x 9"

Dance in pieces


Danse Macabre goes burlesque

Read in Peace

Post-Modern Mortem

Kaka a web of time
A Web of Time
Winged Kala




Coming from cyberia, this skeleton
is a techno-industry fossil .
The connections were really slow.
The screen radiation remarkably
preserved this particular specimen.
From our virtual eternal gallery.
C.I.P (Compute in Peace)


Dia de los muertos history, and exhibition of the Mexican tradition from MexicoConnect.

European Association of Danse Macabres

Totentanz links on the tradition of Danse Macabre in Europe, as well as death, mommies and cemeteries in world cultures.The ultimate reference.

Livre d'artiste:

dance macabre Coron's artist book
11 little death books by Eileen Arnow-Levine

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