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"Working in the Same Direction" is a nine-foot high, stainless steel cutout sculpture. Coron conceived of this work as a book because the two panels recall the pages of an open book that tells many stories. In this work, the silhouettes of firemen and emergency workers support the community. The skyline of the community, in turn, supports two weathervanes: a fireman and an emergency medical worker. The design of the sculpture emphasizes the interdependence of the community and its dedicated rescue workers.

This commission from the New York City Fire Department, the Department of Design and Construction, and the Percent for Art Program of the New York Department of Cultural affairs marks the first merger in the city of Fire Station and Emergency worker station. The building is located in Rossville, Staten Island at the intersection of Rossville Avenue and Veterans Road; the sculpture adorns the front yard of the station.

The angle of the sculpture accentuates the directions that lead the rescue workers into the community. As one approaches the iconic silhouettes, details capture the essence of particular moments while still allowing room for the viewer's personal interpretation. The cutout technique (negative and positive space) of the design allows for a changing play of light and shadow in nearly abstract patterns.

These two groups, the firemen and the emergency medical workers, join in a common goal. The title, "Working in the Same Direction," is symbolized by two weathervanes -- a fireman and an emergency medical worker -- that will move with the wind, watching in all directions. The open book celebrates the merger in a joyful way, while also acknowledging the dedication and sacrifice of New York City rescue workers.


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