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"Moving in the Right Direction", 2016

“Moving in the Right Direction” a 120 feet of a colorful laser-cut steel fence installed at the the transportation themed wading pool near Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School on South Duke Street in Lancaster, PA. Commissioned by the City of Lancaster.
Typical fence: 5 x 7'

Moving Forward Moving Forward Moving Forward Moving Forward Moving Forward Moving Forward

Since the pool is located at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and the theme of the pool is Transportation and Movement, I selected a quote by Dr. King to be included in and as inspiration for the project:

"If you can't fly then run,
if you can't run then walk,
if you can't walk then crawl,
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

Martin Luther King Jr.

Growing up is constantly chosing directions and children by nature are in constant motion.

I applied this idea playfully to this fence project extending the decor of the wading pool with its fire truck and track signs to a general sense of directions in life.

“Growing-up” and moving forward are metaphorically represented by iconic images of different means of locomotion. “Doing the right thing” is represented by the finials symbols of positive values. These finials were created from the metal taken out of the fences in the cutting process.

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