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Cutting Artists

Elizabeth Alexander-
USA- reinterpreted botanical cuttings
Noriko Ambe
-Japan/USA- cut artist book and paper sculptures
Sanna Annuka-
Finland/England- colorful illustrations
Hina Aoyama-
Japan/France- incredible papercutting skills
Stephanie Beck-
USA- architectural spaces
Jaq Belcher
- Australia/USA- meditative abstract white papercuts
Hannah Biemold -Netherlands-: bar code series and pop ups
Karen Bit Vejle- Denmark- drawing with scissors
Su Blackwell- England- books and cut sculptures
Molly Bosley-USA_ Diorama, collages and cuts
Natasha Bowdoin- USA- cut and printed/painted paper
Zoe Bradley- England- Fashion and papercuts
Yulia Brodskaya- Russia/England- paper sculpture and quilling
Rogan Brown- England/Ireland/France- monochromatic sculptures

Diana Bryan - USA- Shadowtown
Tim Budden- England/Taiwan- Silk papercutting
Valerie Buess- Switzerland- paper sculptures
Bette Burgoyne- USA- cut black paper
Peter Callesen- Denmark- paperwork, installations and performance
Aaron Chung- USA- cuttings, stencils and painting
Charles Clary- USA- meticulous excavations
Laura Cooperman- USA- white paper architectural constructions
Béatrice Coron- France/USA- Cities and artist books (+ links compilator)
Andrea Deszö- USA- interactive cut paper theaters
Brian Dettmer- USA- carved books

Myriam Dion- Quebec- cut newspaper
Nancy Doniger- USA- Cut paper illustrations
Hélène Druvert- France- children books- windows
Anastasia Elias- France- cut toilet paper tubes and collages

Adam Fowler- USA- cut drawings
Mayuko Fujino- Japan-USA- papercut collages
Risa Fukui- Japan- dark papercuttings (Interview on PingMag)
Masayo Fukuda- Japan- lacy natural world
Anne-Karin Furunes- Norway- Perforated portraits
Ellen Gallagher - USA-"DeLuxe" series
Patrick Gannon- USA/Japan cut paper art & illustrations
Julien Gardair
France/USA- installations, cut lino, carpets, magazines
Beth Gilfilen- USA- Ink on cut paper paint chips
Chris Gilmour- England -cardboard sculptures
Chen Hangfeng- China- cut-paper and logos
Hari & Deepti- India- USA- backlighted paper scenes
Barry Herem- USA- Northwest coast style in cut metal
Huin Heuff-Netherlands- cut portraits
Olivier Hoelzl- Austria- pochoirs and découpes
Ueli Hofer- Switzerland- Collage, objets & scherenschnitte
Lisa Huber- Germany- animal schnitte
Cat Ingall- England- illustrations
Hideo Iwasaki- Japan- abstract and stereoscopic papercuts
Rick Jones- USA- Calaveras, papel picado and public artwork
Elzbieta Kaleta- USA- Polish with Mimbres Indian influence
Drew King- -USA- papercuttings and animations
Susan Knight-USA- rivers and topography
Michael Kukla-
USA- organic cuts
Skinny Laminx-
South Africa- illustrations and design
Katerina Lanfranco
- USA- black botanical series
Rebecca Layton
- USA - cut wallpaper installations
Bovey Lee- USA- white papercuttings
Rosa Leff-
USA- Urban landscapes and power lines
Pablo Lehmann- Argentina- cut letters
Miriam Londoño - Columbia - cut handwritting
Valentine Louafi- France-Shalala papercut photographs
Eva Mantell- USA- cut daily objects
Philomena Marano - USA- Coney Island and aquatic papier collés
Henri Matisse - France- Jazz Series
Nikki McClure - USA- monochromatic illustrations
Stuart McLachlan- Australia- paper styling- events-illustration
Bhavna Mehta
- USA- Joyful color papercuts
Dylan Metrano-
USA- color papercuts
Stephanie Miguet
- France- daily life in Lausanne in BW
Kevin Miller- USA-- illustrations& portraits
Julie Mirabelle-
England/France- cut maps
Hiromi Moneyhun
- USA- Cut insects and masks
Elsa Mora
- Cuba/USA- paper sculptures
Sarah Morpeth
- England- cut books projects
Chris Natrop -USA- papercut installations
Chris Nau
- USA- wall cutting
Gisela Oberbeck- Germany- artist books and projects
Eiko Ojala- Estonia- semi dimensional color cuts
Mikkito Oseki- Japan- bodies, roots and more
Mia Pearlman- USA- Clouds vortex
Tahiti Pehrson- USA- large papercuts installations
Simon Perriton- England- @ Sadie Cole Gallery in London
Heinz Pfister- Switzerland-sensuous and fun scherenschnittes
Jacques Picoux- France/Taiwan- paper mosaics
Ed Pien- Taiwan/Canada- installations
James Prosek- USA- naturalist
Tomás Rivas- Chile- architectural explorations
Viviane Rombaldi Seppey- Switzerland/USA- paper collages
Nikki Rosato- USA- cut maps
Virginia Rose Kane- USA- Botanical Papercuttings
Robert Ryan-
England- cuttings and words
Casey Ruble
- USA- Edo inspired color cutouts
Georgia Russel
- Scotland- cut photographs & books
Noah Sakamoto
- USA- torn papers
Lindi Sales
- South Africa- cut papers & mixed media installation
Sangeeta Sandrasegar
-Australia- culture, sexuality, identities
Daniel Scheffer- USA- sculptural installation
Carl J. Schutt-
USA- colorful papercuttings
Andrew Scott Ross
- USA- installation & performance
China-Money portrait
Ana Serrano
- USA- sculptural papercut installations
Pat Shannon-
USA- cut newspaper series
Lü Shenzhong
- China- installations
Tomoko Shioyasu- Japan- organic cuttings
Richard Shipps
- USA- abstract mobile and sculptures
Fran Siegel
- USA- spatial drawings
Francesca Signori
- Italy- cut soap lingerie jewels
Bert Simons
-Netherlands- photographic paper sculptures
Leah Singer
- USA- silhouettes
Andy Singleton-
England-Dust cloud in the Eagle Nebula
Gerlof Smit- Netherlands- Village's portrait and money series
Justine Smith- England- Money cutting, flowers
Clementine Sourdais- France- illustrations and children's books
Jane South- USA- Cut constructions
Hunter Stabler- USA- mostly abstract papercuts
Jen Stark- USA- Colorful sculptures and animations
Vanessa Stone- England- The cut line
Leigh Stuggs- USA- cut geometry
Richard Sweeney- USA- architectural designs and structures
Swoon (Callie Curry)- USA- cutout paste paper, activists installation,
Yuko Takada-Keller- Japan/Denmark- Soft Sculptures
Yuken Teruya-Japan/USA- consumerism and nature- recycling-
Barbara Earle Thomas- USA- color wheels, cuts in paper, metal, glass
David Thorpe- England- @ Kate MacGarry gallery, London
Miss-Tic- France-Street's stencils and poetry in Paris
Kris Trappeniers - Belgium- inked papercuts & stencils
Lane Twitchell- USA- Cut paper and acrylic polymers
Kako Ueda- USA- Organic papercuttings
Annie Vought-
USA- cut paper letters
Paul Villinski
- USA- shadow drawings
Michael Velliquette- USA- Cut cardstock tableaux
Polly Verity - England- Paper dresses, wired cut papers
Kara Walker-USA- Uncle's Tom Cabin
Ann Weber - USA- cardboard sculptures
Bruno Weber- Switzerland- papierschnitt and metal
Kay Weber- Germany/USA- color cuttings
Wacky Wendy-USA-performance art cutting hats from paperplate

Maude White- USA- meticulous nature-inspired cuttings
C.K. Wilde & Mark Wagner- USA- Papercut money series

Thomas Witte- USA-papercuts from photographs
Lauren Jones Worth-
USA- collage, stencils and papercuts
Thurle Wright- Zimbabwe/England- recycled papers
Yoo Yung-Wun- Korea- Counter attack of the Media. 3D sculptures using flyers
XinSong- China/USA- papercut and magazines collage
Kumi Yamashita- USA- shadow installations
Nishimura Yuko- Japan- 3d white abstract tableaux

Qiao Xiaoguang- China- stylized black & white papercuts
Zim&Zou- France- Colorful installations


Chinese (jianzhi)

140 meter long papercutting by Feng Wenzhen (Changzhi, Shaanxi)

Chen Hangfeng- China- cut-paper and logos

The Mapping of Yanchuan County Paper-cutting: the long march project

Papiers découpés chinois in french and english, techniques,themes, gallery of the collection of Valérie N'Guyen.

Papiers découpés de Gaomi, Gaomi's papercuts


Hanneke Hilbers

Gerlof Smit with gallery, and films.


Canivets : images

Papercut slides for magic lantern, unknown French artist


Ernst Moritz Engert (1892-1986)

Museum Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981)


Craft and Artisan from India: stencils for Rangoli

Art of Ustad Kalakar Prabal Pramanik: papercutting, folding and animations

Japanese (kirie, katagami, katazome)

Minomusi's Isekatagami Japanese traditional techniques into innovative artforms

Ayumu Ishiwata kirie with Photoshop touch-up. 

Mikiharu Kume, colorful modern approach. 

Masayuki Miyata(1926-1977), most famous Japanese papercutter.Also imageson Shanghai Library website.

Roki interesting research in drawing.

Masaaki Tatsumi: wonderful papercuts, illustrations for children books and more..in japanese.

Ryo Takagi: cut illustratons for kamibashi greeting cards


Archie Granot, Multiple-layered traditional style with innovative techniques. 

Dena Levie: Judaic papercuts and commissions

Ketubot by Lee Loebman.

Ketubot by Oren Loloi

Zipora Neeman traditional papercuttings.

Deborah Ugoretz: Judaic art


Catalina Delgado-Trunk: calaveras, rituals, traditions and legends

Papel Picado, history, techniques and bibliography at the Museum of International Folk Art

Rick Jones: calaveras tradition from California

Kathleen Trenchard  "cut-it-out" Book of papel picado.

North Texas Institute for Educators on Visual Arts: Papel Picado


Turburam Sandagdorj.D : legends and myths


Polish Genealogical Society of America: The art of Polish paper cut-outs.

Polish papercutting: one project.

Wycinanki by Sister Clarice- to buy.

Carolyn Guest Sheep shear cuttings form Vermont.

Susan Throckmorton- black & white wycinanki from an American in Poland


Russian Silhouette Gallery and history of Russian silhouettes.


Swiss-German scherenschnitte

short video by Judy Puttgen on some papercut artists

Lucrezia Bieler, mermaid and botanica

Marie-Helene Grabman: wedding and anniversary custom designs

Hans-Jurgen Glatz (in german) very detailed scherenschnitte

Ernst Oppliger: nature schrenschnitt

Kathi Peters: horses' papercutting.

Engelhard Schmitt: master of micro-cuttings

Suzanne Scläpfer-Geiser master papercutter.

The amazing work and compositions of Bruno Weber


Halyna Podolynna- abstract and figurative innovative cuttings.



Architectural & 3D papercuttings

Carol Barton: artist books, pop-up and tunnel books at Popular Kinetic Press

Baud & Bui instructions in french and english for school projects and more

Peter Dahmen, designer and paper artist, foldable and pop-ups

Calvin Nicholls: portfolio of paper sculptures

Clive Stevens paper sculptures

Ron Chespak: paper sculpture and children book:
The Whimsical Verse of Olly-O.

The Fold and Cut Problem and its Mathematics, by Erik Demaine.

Fold and Cut Magic at ScienceNews Online

Marivi Garrido: pop-ups and origamic architecture.

Mark Hiner: paper engineer expert speaks about history, projects, how to make a book... and "how to" books to order

Selena Kim: origamic architecture, pop-up resources

Jaymes McGowan: colorful paper sculptures and tableaux at Roadside Projects

Jeff Nishinaka, USA, paper sculpture, fine art, props, installations 

Joan Michael Paque- Transformed tesselations & links to origami fashion

Elsa Mora: paper sculptures

Helen Musselwhite- 3D illustrations

Jorge Rosano: traditional and contemporary research in 3D

Robert Sabuda: wonderful popular pop-up books.

Matt Schlian paper engineer

Annelies Smit: origamic cards

Richard Sweeney: architectural designs and structures

Ingrid Siliakus: origamic architecture Designer.

WholeMovement- models from 9" paperplate by Bradford Hansen-Smith

Pochoirs / stencils

History of stenciling at free-stencilingpatterns.com

"Ambush in the streets" Jules Backus Photographs of Paris stencils art from Blek, Miss-Tic, Nemo, Jerome Mesnager, le bateleur.

Banksy, English graffiti artist: agent provocateur

Chris Stain: Baltimore street stencils and more.

Collotype & Pochoir article from Trianon Press Archive.

Craft and Artisan from India: stencils for Rangoli (Traditional floor painting) and Rangoli designs

Jean Hansen collection of decorative stencils for sale.

Randolph Huebsch: exploration in etching, shadows and stencils

Richard Leray, Atelier Festina Lente, France: enluminures au pochoir

Paris Pochoirs, urban stencils in Paris and other places

Bob Patterson stenciled images

Jeff Raum buy decorative stencils to make murals with trompe l'oeil

Roadsworth_ Peter Gibson_: art or vandalism? street stencils in Montreal

Marjorie Mullany- using papercuttings to print (Cyanotype process)

Miss Tic: her web site of pochoirs and poetry

Paul "Moose" Curtis, the reverse graffiti project

Mudstencils: environmentally friendly street art

Traditional Crafts from Japan: stenciling on textiles.

Rubber stencils for BodyArt and temporary tatoos at Natural Expressions

Blue Ribbons Stencil: to buy stencils

Royal Design Studio to buy intricate all over stencils for walls and floors

stencil 101 with Ed Roth: stencils, instructions, blogs...

StencilBilly by Peat Wollaeger

Stencil Makers at etch-o-matic

Stencil Pirates by Josh MacPhee: the book, the website: a ton of information on street graffitis

Stencil Revolution: Rebel images from the frontline: collectively reconstructing the urban canvas. Huge gallery, resources and tutorials to make street stencils, transferts, tee-shirts and more: everything to start your own revolution!

StencilGirl: links to mostly commercial stencils

Stencil Graffiti, exhibition 2002 at Artazar for the book of Tristan Manco.

The Stencil Archive: street stencils photo albums

JeWorld of Stencils, blog news from street stencils around the world

Shadow puppets, movies and Theater

The crankie factory, history, how to and more...

Katherine Fahey, Baltimore, crankies and shadow theater

Kamishibai, japanese paper theater

Silhouettes animation from the European animation archive

Shadow theater from the World encyclopedia of puppetry art

Magic lanterns from the Sebnitz museum (in german.)

Storytelling & papercutting with Randel McGee.

Lotte Reiniger's Fairy Tales

Theater der Dämmerung, german theater using papercut puppets (in german.)

Victorian paper theater

and many papercut animations on youtube, just a few to start:
stop motion running horse and another one
SYAA paper movie
papercut animation of buffalo
A new beginning stop motion animation by pappirus
you choose me by Samirakdesign
Paranoland by Patrick Boivin (silhouette animation)
Shadow Puppetry Shakuhachi Animation Video
United Airways papercut commercial
New Zealand book council : Going West
Trenchcoat video and making it
Rahda Pandey's thesis and making it
Oshikazu Hara: papercut animations
Pilobilus talks about shadows (dance not papercut but still fascinating..)


Découpage; laquered art

Dogs' Silhouettes by Margieanne Moskowitz

Silhouette art: history by Douglas Carpenter.

Tim Arnold: the silhouette man

Joe Bagley: graphic cuttings from world traditions

Charles Burn; The Silhouette Parlour.

Jean-Yves Dousset silhouettes and poetry in French and German

Christel Gebings' Museum of Silhouettes 

Brian R. Flora.

Karl Johnson's portrait silhouettes

Jerry Morang: cut steel silhouettes from nature in Montana and Alaska

A midsummer-night’s dream., silhouettes by P. Konewka.from the Memorial Library of the University of WisconsinMadison.

Olly Moss a different and contemporary point of view of silhouettes

the Copy Project by multi media artist Leah Singer.

Pam Benton Hines Traditional hand cut profile portraits.

Paper portrait by Kathryn K. Flocken

Quality Ironworks: Custom Silhouette art in metal

Western Silhouettes by Tim Dunn

Yee's silhouettes: from photographs, paper models, origamic architecture and more...

Paper Dresses, Fashion Accessories & Sets Design

Isabelle de Borchgrave- Belgium- Papiers à la Mode (Life-size historical paper costumes)

Mireille Etienne Brunel's wedding dresses

Jennifer Collier - England - dresses, shoes, jewelry, ties and headpieces

Frucci Design: paper jewelry by Francesca Vitalli

Amy Flurry & Nikki Salk- Papercut Project (wigs, masks and more)

Nel Linssen: paper jewelry

Ennio Marchetto, performing artist using paper costumes

Jum Nakao : futuristic paper dresses, The Creatorsproject's video

Tine de Ruysser- paper jewelry made of bank notes

Susan Stockwell - England - paper dresses

Naoko Yoshizawa - Scotland - paper jewelry

Paper Toys

Makiko Azakami: Paper Toys for grown-ups to enjoy

Paper-Toys (français) with downloadable models

Mu Pan - USA - origamu (not origami)

Papercut Blogs

All About Papercutting by Elsa Mora

Tagging paper websites

Papermonster stencil graffiti art


Papercuttings videos

How to make a papercut portrait


Allegri Claude, Louis Saugy, Geneva; Les Editions du Ruisseau, 1977

Allmayer Josefine, Ein Leben Fuer Den Scherenschnitt 1904-1977; 104 pages, 217 illustrations black and white , and color. Available from the Museum Kierling, Hauptstraße 114, A-3400 Kierling, email museum.kierling@inode.at

Buttita Antonino, Dove Fiorisce il Limone
Sellerio editore Palermo- Design of stencils used to identify fruit boxes

Christensen J.A., Cut Art: an introduction to Chung-Hua and Kiri-E Published by Watson-Guptill, New York ISBN 0-8230-1143-7 paperback, 160 p,, 130 full color 70 b/w illustrations.

Hiner, Mark, Paper Engineering for pop-up books and cards
Tarquin Publications-ISBN 0-906212-49-9

Hofer,Ueli, Geschnittenes Papier und Collagen. ISBN 3-258-06238-2

Jablonski Ramona , The Paper Cut-Out Design Book,
102 pages Published by Stemmer House, 1976,
ISBN 0-916144-03-8 and ISBN 0-916144-04-6

Knipe, Penley, Shades and shadows-pictures, the American Institute for Conservation, vol.18, 1999

Kwon Hae Yong , The Book of Paper Cutting,
A Complete Guide to All the Techniques (in Korean), 2001,Washington, DC
ISBN 89-86009-10-2 93600

Lerous-Hugon Hélène and Vicart Juliette, Papercutouts, 2007, Firefly book

Magnien, Canivets
histoire des canivets, livre disponible à la librairie du bat-d'argent-Lyon)

Manco Tristan, Stencil Graffiti Edition Thames & Hudson, England 2002
A book of street stencil by Nemo, Miss Tic, Mesnager and more...

McGuire Linda, Scherenschnitte: Crossing America, a 147-page book of silhouette designs Published by Collectors Choice Antiques and Design, 1999 7516 S.E. Ogden Street, Portland, Oregon 97206,(503)771-8814,
ISBN 0-9670423-5-8

MacPhee, Josh, Stencil Pirats, a survey of street graffitis, published by Soft Skull Press 2004
ISBN: 1-932360-15-8

di Pisa Celina, Come Decorare con gli stencil 108 pages in italian, 2003, ISBN 88-86422-48-2

Rich Chris, The Book of Paper Cutting, A Complete Guide to All the Techniques With More Than 100 Project Ideas, Sterling/Lark Books, 1993,
ISBN 0-8069-0285-X

Rutzky, Jeffrey: Kirigami, more than 40 creations to fold and cut, Quirk Packaging, Ltd, Barnes & Noble, 2007
ISBN 13:978-0-7607-9227-8 ISBN 10: 0-7607-9227-5

Rodari, Florian: Le collage: papiers collés, papiers déchirés, papiers découpés ,
Paris:Skira, 1988 (histoire d'un art)

Roth, Ed: stencil 101: make your mark with 25 reusable stencils

Saudé Jean- Traité d'Enluminure d'art au pochoir
Aux Editions de l'Ibis - Paris, 1925

Schlapfer-Geiser Susanne ,Sherenschnitte- (Lark Books)

ShadurJoseph & Yehudit, Jewish Papercuts: A History and Guide

Shin-Tsu Tai , Susan, Carved Papers, The Art of Japanese Stencil
1998, Santa Barbara Museum of Art ISBN-0-8348-0410-7

Siliakus Ingrid, From Building to Card
Published by Tirion Uitgevers B.V. ISBN: 90 213 3138 1

Trebbi, Jean-Charles, L'Art de la Découpe
Editions Alternatives, 2010, ISBN 978-286227-647-2

Wagner Brant Beth , The Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Anderson, , Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116, copyright 1994
ISBN 0-395-66787-9

Zhukov Viktor, Wilderness (see cover and first page) in English and Russian, album of 100 miniature papercuttings, 112 pages, $14 including shipping, to order contact Larissa Rudenko.




Papercut Resources

Ernst & Rosemarie Oppliger: to buy fine scissors and offset paper

Other scissors supplies: http://www.kuersteiner-schliff.ch

Gerlof Smit's shop : tools, cards, art and more

Papercuttings by Alison - Catalog of papers, books, supplies, patterns, etc.

Papercutting tutorials for beginners at squidoo

Paper Cutting Traditions: to buy patterns, frames etc...

Hiromi Paper: World of Washi- and newsletter archives.

D.H. Productions handmade paper, books, boxes and more...

Minomusi to buy japanese stencil paper and tools.

Osugi shop in Shiroko, Japan for papercuttings, tools and isekatagami paper.

Tyvek at Material Concept

Papercut projects and patterns

Baud and Bui

Do-it-Yourself paper dresses from Geuzen.org and papercut bag

papercutting projects from Home & Garden Television.

Paper cut out projects with some Matisse inspiration

Papercut hearts with Martha Steward

Papercut Scherenschnitte by Peggy Margaret.

Paper snowflakes by David C. Stredulinsky with links to other snowflakes sites.

Paper toys models

Ribbon Bird instructions

Robert Sabuda's instruction for simple pop-ups

Shadow puppets : designing, building and performing by Bill Woodburn

and the my favorite ultimate Glue guide: thistothat


other names to make search for papercutting art: cut outs, cut paper works, ketubah, kirie, kirigami, papel picado, papercuts, papercuttings, papierknipkunst, papirklip, pochoir, scherenschnitte, scissorcraft, shadow cut, shadow theater, silhouette, stencil , wycinanki.

Other links

Art Links

Art Desy: Art Directory

Art Graphica

Churn, art magazine

Jean Ulrick Désert: conceptual artist

The Drawing Center, New York

Enlightened Papers, sculpted lamps, cards and books by Helen Hiebert

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 60,000 art works online  

Patrice Giorda: peintures, céramiques, dessins

Philippe Lechien: illustrations

Claudia Nagy's mosaic and art

Chris Piazza's sculptural puppets

Mick Stern: poetry, drawings, stageplays, short stories...

Mark Tanabe: wood sculpture

Unique Arts

World Wide Arts Resources

Janis Wilkins Photography

French Links

île en île un site pour valoriser les ressources informatives et culturelles du monde insulaire francophone.


Ressources Internet Francophone via CUNY


Littérature francophone virtuelle @ ClicNet

New York Links

New York links et New York City Francophone by Thomas.

A Love of Monsters: Gargoyles and Architectural details in New York City.

Forgotten N.Y.: all about lamps, subways, manhole covers and more..

New York Underground

Book Links

Ampersand Books pop-up and animated books.

Art & Métiers du Livre

Australian Personalized children book

Pascale Baud true/false travel's note books.

Be ready to eat your words on April 1st!
the International Edible Book Festival.

Booklyn Artists Alliance

Books Arts Gallery of Peter Verheyen

Collection Leo Koenders, relating to James Joyce

To subscribe to the book arts list

Book information web site

Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts

The Center for Book Arts. New York

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild

Colophon Gallery, "Modern Illustrated & Fine Arts Books" 

Dog eared magazine: a small press magazine about book arts.

All you want to know about flip books (in French)

The Miniature Book Society Home Page 

The Movable Book Society, pop-up booksto share enthusiasm and exchange information about pop-up and movable books.

New York Public Library. Includes: International Gay Information Center Archives and much more. . . 

Superlative Books: Handmade, Small Press & Unusual Books of Distinction.

Tiny Tomes (C.M. Smith Collection of Miniature Books)

Asian Links
Electric Samurai

L'homme qui parle au dragon: récits, articles, monographies et plus...

Couleurs de Chine
Sponsor a girl for her first three years of primary school in Guanxi province, China.

Let's keep dancing

Attitude, the dancers' magazine. 



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