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The Identity Project

The exploration of inner space is what shapes each self, yet inner space does not exclude the outside. The inner remains in constant negotiation with the outer. That negotiation between your self and other selves can only take place through the medium of Identity. Identity is the passport that you show to everyone who questions or challenges your presence in the world.

Identity is paradoxical term. I can mean either sameness (when you identify with somebody or something) or difference (your identity is unique to you) We try to define our identity in terms of the groups we belong to and geographical environements. We can also slice our identities: social self, emotional self, family self, tribal self, intellectual self, like layers of onion skin. Identity seems to be shifting and making complex patterns over time. The notion of a "real" self looks like an utopian construction.

Identity Project consists of different oversized pages hanged from the ceiling, each one presenting a different construction of self, through biology and culture, achieved through one's own efforts, or--a recent development-- projected onto an avatar in cyberspace. The pages hanged from the ceiling can form a path where viewers can look through papercuttings to discover other layers and possibly other viewers. Working with spotlights, dramatic shadows can be produced.

I started Identity Project with seven cut pages depicting selves as diverse as our biological, astral, sports and education selves. More identities are constantly added to this project.



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