Chicago: Center for Book & Paper Arts,

"SagaCity, the cutting edge"

July 11 - August 22, 2003

Heartfelt thanks to all those at the Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts for their friendly and efficient support and skills organizing this wonderful exhibition.



This exhibition included more than 240 papercuttings and artist books.
Here are some pictures of the installation.



Outer gallery overview.

Cityscapes include: Zecity, SagaCity, VeloCity and EthniCity.

some of the prints of the 36 views of the Empire State Building series.

left: Concepts & Perceptions, Teaser Book, Exil

above: SagaCity and Alphabet Animal

right: Velocity

above: a selection of artist books made with French writers such as François Villon, Jules Laforgue, Théophile Gautier and Jules Verne.

right: papercutting series of New York City Bestiary.

below: papercutting series "Karma-Bound"

right: InnerCity

above: Ethnicity

above: the end of "Take the A Train" (running on top of the wall)

left: Memory Cubes

a window on food theme: Sushi, A la Carte, Pause Café, Take Out

An overview of the inner gallery space in the following pictures:  

above and left: interactive installation of shadows

above: Motif

left: Pour le Bon Motif

above: detail CT4U

right: School Day

above: Dafo, Guanyin, Divinity

left: Telling Stories, Tibetan Princess

Vallotton's woodcuttings, reinterpratated in papercutting.