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"Béatrice Coron: The Secret Life of Cities"
Lehman College Art Gallery

September 4, 2007- January 11, 2008

"Béatrice Coron:"The Secret Life of Cities" presents a selection of Coron's large-scale paper-cutouts of urban environments created over the past decade. Coron's cities are complex and teeming with life."
Susan Hoetzel, Gallery Director

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue, available for sale

Where do I fit in the city? is there patterns?
Between figurative and obsessive patterns, my characters of urban myth are coming back.
Knowing the neighbors or staying anonymous--these are two poles of human interactions in cities. In a style reminiscent of film noir, with a hint of voyeurism (and natural human curiosity), the shadows suggest both danger and exciting possibilities.
My work explores the urban juxtaposition of countless human activities and a multiplicity of narratives. Turned inside out, buildings tell us stories about ourselves and each other.Whether the building is inhabited by people, skeletons or animals, the viewer is invited to move in.

"I Luv NY" design for Space Projector by Mathmos

The Pit and Tower of Babel, 2007
cut Tyvek
diameter 15.5 inches x height: 14 feet

ZeCities in center, on side Personal Cities Series

The Great Library, Cosmos Tree, EgoCentriCity, Small Worlds, Connections (all 25 x 25 inches)

InnerCity, 2001, cut Tyvek, 162 x 52 inches

MultipliCity, 2003, cut Tyvek, 72 x 51 inches

Habitats & Vagabonds
(the whole nine yards series), 2007
cut Tyvek
44.5 inches x 324 inches

overall and details

AudaCity, 2004, cut Tyvek, 51 x 82 inches

Tree of Life, 2004, cut Tyvek, 24 x 40 inches

Center: Rust City, 2005, cut and painted Tyvek, 41 x 51 inches

Russ City, 2005, cut Tyvek, 43.5 x 45 inches

Personal Cities: World City, 2005, cut Tyvek, 48 x 31 inches

SagaCity, 2003, cut Tyvek, 73 x 51 inches

The Man in the Moon, Sun, Peace, 2006, cut metal, each: 12 x 16 inches

White City, 2004, cut Tyvek, 276 x 38 inches

©BéatriceCoron, 2008