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Patterns of Life

Patterns like our lives, are both simple and complex, rich with content. Observed by scientists, artists and philosophers alike, they are physical and mental, visible in both nature and movements. Patterns are the essence of life itself. Shapes are in a constant tension between the full and the empty, illustrating the basic principle of complementarity and duality. These organic and geometric patterns echo the vitality of daily life, and the fabric made with diverse configuration of time and place Time has its own pattern as it unfolds, branches and regroups, each day and each hour with its own rhythm. Residents of Chelsea House contribute to the creation of new patterns as they weave through this vibrant center of the city. As a textile sampler, “Patterns of Life” as a metaphor of a perfect place to grow and transform.

The Chelsea House 130 West 19th Street, New York
etched mirrors on each floor and stainless steel planters
commissioned by the Clarett Group 2006

each planter 9' x 18"
Mirrors: 10' x 5' and 5' x 5'

Copyright (c) 2015 Béatrice Coron